Media CoverageBusinesses Rely On Hurricane-proof Domes - Fox 13 News

TAMPA – You might miss them as you drive on Interstate 4 east of Lakeland because they sit back off the highway.

But when you do see the massive domes, you have to wonder, “What is going on here?”

The domes were built as kind of an insurance policy for banks and other businesses that want to keep operating when a hurricane or other natural disaster hits.

“I can offer you an environment where you can continue to run your business and you’re not affected by the storm,” said Mary Mc Guire, with American Business Continuity Domes.

Since the domes are round, the wind has nothing to get under and lift, like a traditionally built structure with the roof. So, they are billed as “hurricane proof.”

Mid Florida Bank operates it’s IT department out of one of the domes year-round. Another bank that does not want to be named, has all kinds of equipment it would use during a disaster, including mobile homes that would operate as self-contained banks.

Mc Guire says the company is negotiating with other businesses right now, and hopes to build two more domes for them in the near future.

“We are very lucky to be busy and expanding in this economy,” Mc Guire said.