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LAKELAND, Fla.–American Business Continuity Domes (ABC Domes) is building a Smart Dome Vault at its Lakeland business continuity facility for Certified Records Management (CRM), the leading provider of Information Management services in Florida.

ABC Domes, with existing dome facilities in Lakeland, Florida and Sealy, Texas, considers the new Smart Dome Vault the prototype for future development of disaster resistant real estate throughout the country. Scheduled for completion in March of 2012, the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) – Compliant Smart Dome Vault for Certified Records is 60 feet tall and has 12,000 square feet of interior space including a floor to ceiling metal racking system. The dome is engineered to withstand winds of more than 300 miles per hour, providing protection from Category 5 tornado and hurricane pressures. The Certified Records Management Smart Dome also provides environmentally controlled protection for all forms of critical data and will be the safest and most secure vault facility available in the state of Florida.

ABC Domes Smart Dome Vault for Certified Records Management based out of Tampa.

The Certified Records Management Smart Dome will use ABC Domes’ construction process utilizing steel reinforced concrete dome technology, double steel reinforced 6000 PSI Shotcrete, polyurethane foam insulation, and a custom Kevlar-reinforced airform.

ABC Domes has been on the forefront of disaster recovery planning and asset protection since 2004. The domes – which require no windstorm insurance – are located on high security sites with solar lighting, geo thermal HVAC and bunker style interior build out as required. The company leases spaces in its wholly owned domes and develops build-to-suits, such as the Smart Dome Vault for Certified Records Management based out of Tampa.

Certified Records Management (CRM) specializes in providing the most secure environment for their clients especially when it comes to their critical documents, vital data and data protection. In order to compliment their sophisticated Document Storage, Digital Solutions and Document Shredding CRM investigated the ABC Dome Technology for vital records and media storage. After visiting a pro-type facility and examining the specifications CRM saw a perfect synergy. ABC Domes allows CRM to build the safest environment possible today in the Records and Information Industry and it is for that reason that the 2-20 Family of Companies has signed an exclusive contract to build these domes throughout the country.

As well as providing a disaster-resistant structure, ABC Domes also makes the following conveniences and amenities available:

  • A safe, secure, yet pleasant environment, housed in a structure built to withstand 300 mph winds.
  • Security fencing and guardhouse
  • Web based video surveillance
  • Fireproof steel reinforced concrete shell
  • Satellite communications
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Open span design ready to accommodate mobile banking trailers, mobile command centers, RV’s, generators and offices
  • Custom designed office space/living quarters
  • Clear span interior allowing mobility to store multiple large vehicles
  • Engine exhaust for trailers
  • Trailer docking stations for power and communications
  • Humidity controlled environment
  • 90 psf rolling steel doors
  • Solar lighting and hot water heating
  • Independent backup generator system with auto transfer switch for each building
  • On-site fuel storage
  • Interior bunker style build out to include offices, conference rooms, living quarters, kitchen, laundry, and data server rooms
  • Compliance with all FEMA shelter criteria, providing near absolute protection for personnel and equipment

ABC Domes is a division of Miami-based contractor Golden Sands General Contractors, which has specialized in building bank branches, vaults and ATM outlets since 1988. With an initial focus on Florida, Golden Sands became the go-to company for restoring banking facilities after hurricanes, first after Andrew in 1992. After the 2004 and 2005 seasons battered Florida with six hurricanes, the company expanded and Golden Sands created ABC Domes as a separate operating unit specializing in disaster recovery storage and management.

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