Command Centers


Your base of operations is never compromised.

Command Centers

ABC Domes’ structures serve as highly secure, self-contained, disaster resistant command centers for corporations, municipalities, emergency management agencies, and port authorities.

The typical configuration of this type of dome includes offces and conference rooms, living quarters, satellite communications and secure storage for the equipment, data, or supplies required to maintain uninterrupted operations even during a crisis situation.

Business continuity is about maintaining operations after the disaster; being able to provide service and support to either customers or the community after a threatening event.

A well-equipped command center is vital to success, and ABC Domes delivers.

  • A safe, secure environment, housed in a structure built to withstand a minimum of 250 mph or greater wind speeds
  • Near absolute protection for personnel and equipment
  • Security fencing and guardhouse
  • Web based video surveillance
  • Fireproof steel reinforced concrete shell
  • Satellite communications
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Custom interior bunker style floor plans can include offices, conferences rooms, living quarters, kitchen, laundry and data server room.