FEMA Compliant Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters


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FEMA Compliant Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

Built to FEMA 361, ICC-500 and NSSA standards, the planet’s strongest, most disaster resistant Safe Room / Multipurpose Center is available through ABC Domes.

ABC DOMES is the only dome builder that is a producer member of the National Storm Shelter Association – NSSA. Our Safe Room Domes serve as schools, gymnasiums, multi-purpose community centers, first responder command centers and fire stations.


ABC Domes has developed safe room / multi-purpose domes throughout Tornado Alley. We work with community officials as well as local architects and engineers to construct FEMA-compliant* dome structures that meet the specific requirements of the Hazard Mitigation Grant programs.  In fact, we are the only dome builder to earn the Producer Member qualification of the National Storm Shelter Association, having successfully completed the rigorous testing and third party review process required by the organization.

These sustainable, steel-reinforced concrete domes provide near absolute protection from:

  • EF-5 Tornados
  • Cat 5 Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires

Built to last a lifetime, the Safe Room Domes offer:

  • Customizable open span floor plans
  • Safety from hurricane/tornado winds in excess of 250 MPH
  • Construction to LEED standards
  • Latest Green technologies
  • Significant savings vs. the cost of conventional construction
  • Built to suit community needs
  • Built with 90% local materials

“Above-ground storm shelters that meet these standards and guidelines provide near-absolute protection with a margin of safety from a worst-case tornado – yes and EF-5 Tornado. To say or imply that the only safe place is underground is false and misleading. Studies in Moore, OK following their EF-5 tornado of May 20, 2013 confirm this statement.”

- Dr. Ernst W. Kiesling, P.E., Ph.D, Research Faculty, Texas Tech University and Executive Director, National Storm Shelter Association (Testimony to the Subcommittee on Technology, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, June 5, 2013)

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