Disasters don't have to be disasters.


Wake-up calls often come too late during a natural disaster. From Moore to Manhattan, communities around the country and around the world have learned that preparation is vital to survival.

ABC Domes are being integrated into disaster recovery and continuity plans throughout the U.S. and beyond. One of the key attributes of the domes is that they provide near absolute protection from:

  • EF-5 Tornados
  • Cat 5 Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires

Built for community purposes including first responder facilities, schools, community centers and places of worship, ABC Domes’ steel reinforced concrete structures are engineered to meet FEMA 361, ICC-500 and National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) standards. In fact, we are the only dome builder that is a producer member of the NSSA and have undergone the rigorous testing required for this designation.

Many of the community domes that we develop are designed for multiple functions and have a safe room component in addition to serving as:

  • First Responder Facilities
  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Churches

The domes offer customizable open span floor plans, and significant value compared to conventional construction. Our team, the strongest in the dome industry, works with community officials as well as local architects and engineers. We can also provide a turnkey approach to the project, from design and engineering through construction and interior buildout.

Built to last a lifetime, the domes provide:

  • Customizable open span floor plans
  • Safety from hurricane/tornado winds in excess of 250 MPH
  • Construction to LEED standards
  • Latest Green technologies
  • Significant savings vs. the cost of conventional construction
  • Built to suit community needs
  • Built with 90% local materials